Optimal packaging solutions,

An essential partner for your business.

Our specialties

Multiwall paper bags

Indispensable packaging 100% recyclable.


Polyethylene packaging solutions that meet your specifications. All products are based on LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE or HDPE-PCR

Our target markets

Food industry

Construction industry

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Agricultural industry

Our mission

Create efficient packaging solutions that allow our customers to protect and extend the life of their products.


Our vision

Be a trusted employer and a partner of choice for your customers, suppliers and investors.

Sustainable development

Greener than ever

The research and integration of innovative materials, more energy efficient equipment and waste reduction processes are at the heart of our strategic plan.

What we stand for

At Gelpac, we have 5 values that we hold dear. For us, a value is a guide that will allow us to make the right decisions, a model to follow and a source of inspiration for our daily actions and our professional relationships.


Gelpac is committed to treating employees, customers and all stakeholders with whom we do business with consideration and respect.


Our culture of honesty serves as a reference and guide through our choices and actions in order to make a marked difference to all our partners.


We our proud and committed to providing excellence in everything we do without compromise. Always aiming higher, never hesitating to challenge ourselves to do better every time.


We recognize the power of collaboration in a unifying atmosphere at all levels of our organization. Providing an environment where everyone feels heard and free to express themselves without judgment is key to our success.

Customer satisfaction

Making life easy for our customers. We take great pride in offering quality packaging and impeccable customer service.

Nos marchés cibles

Industrie de l'alimentation

Industrie de la construction

Industrie des produits chimiques et pharmaceutiques

Industrie de l'agriculture

Our trust

At Gelpac, attention to detail is a priority.

Our plants are inspected every year and our staff receives full training on food safety and protection standards and procedures.

Certified by AIB International (American Institute of Baking)

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Food and Drug Administration

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

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Big announcement : ProAmpac to acquire Gelpac

ProAmpac to Acquire Gelpac From an Investor Group Led by Namakor, and Supported by W Investments.