Research AND development

Our R&D professionals share the same enthusiasm for and commitment to complete customer satisfaction that drive the entire Gelpac team. They pool their complementary skills and proven field experience with the expertise of our client services and plant operations professionals.

On an average day, the R&D team will collaborate with client services to develop the right, cost-efficient, solution to a new challenge facing one of our clients by designing a new multiwall paper bag or polyethylene film with unique performance characteristics. They will support plant operations by ensuring that the raw materials received meet our specifications and conducting regular quality assurance checks at various stages on our multiple production lines. They also continuously strive to put their brains to work on developing new production processes and equipment to provide you with the quality products you expect in record time.


The R&D team is always excited at the prospect of developing new multiwall paper bag or polyethylene packaging solution, because it is the perfect opportunity for their skills and expertise to really shine.

The engineers, chemists and quality assurance experts that make up the team boast an impressive track record. Over the years, they have solved complex issues to develop unique designs, introduce new materials and incorporate innovative production processes and equipment. Many of their efforts have even culminated in valuable patents.

If you believe your current packaging options leave you high and dry, give us a call. Put us to the test today and see how, with Gelpac, getting your hands on the right packaging solution—at the right time and at the right price—is effectively “in the bag.”