Client services

Our ability to provide you with superior quality custom or standard products at very competitive prices stems not only from the deep-rooted experience of our skilled production teams and state-of-the-art equipment, but also from the rigorous quality assurance procedures implemented by our staff of experts.

But the real key to our success is making sure we have a thorough understanding of your specific needs, requirements and specifications. That’s why we always start by listening to what you have to say without any preconceived notions. Our client services team acts as a sturdy bridge between your needs and our solutions. The team brings together experienced and knowledgeable sales representatives and a dedicated service desk staff.



Looking for a multiwall paper bags or wide-ranging polyethylene packaging solutions to enhance the value of your products, generate production efficiencies and boost your bottom line? Our highly experienced sales representatives will provide invaluable advice.

Our sales representatives have broad expertise in all industries and an impressive track record of helping our clients successfully meet the most daunting packaging challenges. They have what it takes to ensure that you get your hands on the optimal packaging solution for your operation. With their assistance, you will get tailor-made packaging solutions to maximize your efficiency, reduce your costs and help you reach your very own production, distribution and growth targets time and time again. Your sales representative will provide helpful advice on the right bag design to optimize your production process and match your competitive environment, review any graphics objectives you may have, confirm a price that will protect or strengthen your margins and set a delivery date in line with your production timetable.

Do you have a packaging challenge to meet? We’ll help you take care of it!


We believe many of our clients actually look forward to the times when they have to place a call to our service desk. There is no doubt the high client satisfaction scores we get year after year emanate from the warm, enthusiastic and professional response they get on each call.

Once you choose us as a supplier, you will be matched with one of our service desk professionals who will be dedicated to your business. That person will, in effect, become your avatar at Gelpac. Under the direction of the sales representative on your account, your dedicated service desk person will quickly get to know the essentials of your business and how Gelpac can provide you with the right multiwall paper bag, polyethylene packaging or bulk bag solution for you. Your service desk professional will then act as an efficient link with all the other Gelpac team members to ensure that you get the right product, at the right time.

Our service desk is at your disposal 24/7. How can we be of assistance today?