Polyethylene SHEETING

Our clients call upon us to quickly and cost-effectively supply them with a complete range of high performance products that precisely meet their specifications: co-extrusion films, high-clarity films, polyethylene films, retractable films and for use as basic barrier films (in manual or automated environments), and wrapping films.


  • Types: form & fill, gusseted, lay flat, retractable.
  • Folding: C-fold, J-fold, M-fold, U-fold.
  • Optical properties: brilliance, clarity, opaqueness, colored.
  • Mechanical properties: heat-sealed intervals, permeability, rigidity, shock resistance, tear resistance, traction properties.
  • Other properties: anti-static, oxygen transmission, slipping, water/steam transmission.
  • Treatments: anti-static protection, corona treatment, slip (viscosity), UV protection, anti-corrosion film (VCI).
  • Visual Properties: printed 1 color, 1 side or 2 sides.

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