Pasted valve stepped ends


A paper bag, closed at both ends with a valve insert in one corner designed to allow high filling rates and optimal sift resistance and pallet set-up. Ideally suited for powder or granular products. One-to six-ply assembly with brown, white or clay-coated outer ply and available color graphics.


Agricultural/lawn and garden products (feed, fertilizers, seed, etc.), building materials (plaster, powdered additives, sand and cement, etc.), chemical and agrochemical products (pigments, mineral, resins, etc.), dry food items (dairy, flour, sugar, spices, etc.) and more.


  • Block bottom
  • Multiple sleeve options: extended sleeves, sonic sealed valves, other custom valve-sleeve combinations          
  • High speed filling, efficient air venting
  • Film lamination for grease, oil, and moisture control
  • Allows efficient pallet set-up
  • Other options such as patch ends, handle, etc…
  • High quality printing
  • Printable flat bottom

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