Quality assurance

We take the trust our clients put in the high performance of our products very seriously. After all, the value of their products, their production efficiencies and, ultimately, their sales and profitability are at stake. To ensure that they are never left holding the bag, our Quality Assurance team is continuously on the line in their laboratories or on the floor of each of our plants.

The team leverages a complete array of sophisticated equipment and, when required, the assistance of the foremost independent laboratories, to validate the composition of all raw materials and the performance of all finished products coming off our production lines.

Depending on the exact specifications of each multiwall paper bag or polyethylene packaging product, the team is equipped with a number of tools to confirm that the product is up to par: Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), INSTRON tensile and puncture testers, tear testers, slip static and dynamic testers to measure the coefficient of friction (COF), micrometers, Haze guards, rub testers, viscometers, spectrophotometers, stiffness test machines and a QUV weatherometer. The QUV weatherometer allows us to reproduce in a few days or weeks the damage that would occur over months or years outdoors (sunlight, water).

The quality management systems at each of our plants are ISO 9001 certified so you can rest assured that you’re getting products of the highest quality.

If you believe your current packaging options do not deliver the goods, give us a call. Put us to the test today and see how, with Gelpac, getting your hands on the right packaging solution—at the right time and at the right price—is effectively “in the bag.”