Graphics and coatings

Make your product stand out from the crowd

In many cases, packaging graphics can play a key role in the support of a brand. In others, they can be used to convey important or critical information. In all cases, packaging graphics need to play their role efficiently and effectively.

Many multiwall paper bags are designed to carry the power of a brand of consumer goods at the retail shelf level. Brand recognition is thus a critical element, and packaging graphics an equally critical variable. While the prime objective of most polyethylene packaging is to allow an unimpeded view of the content, there is often a need to convey essential information. Lastly, on bulk bags, it can sometimes be useful to indicate their contents and/or point of origin.

Whatever your graphics needs, we have the solution. We have the printing experts and necessary equipment to efficiently print up to 8 process colors on your single or multiwall bags and up to 2 colors on your polyethylene packaging units.

Enjoy superior insect resistance

Gelpac is an authorized user of the safe and proven ProvisionGARDTM insect-resistant coating to prevent insect infestations of the packaged product. ProvisionGARDTM is a water-based coating that can be applied to one or more plies of a multiwall bag or used in woven polypropylene packaging. In the latter case, the active ingredient is incorporated into the BOPP/WPP material during the lamination process via a food-grade polyethylene pellet additive. As insects come into contact with the coated packaging surface, they absorb the growth regulator and cease evolving to the next stage of their growth cycle and die without contributing to insect population growth.

The ProvisionGARDTM formula is based on naturally occurring substances found only in insects and is not harmful to children, birds, dogs, cats or other mammals and bees. Its active ingredient is approved for direct application to many food/feed crops and for use in food/feed processing facilities and is registered by the US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency – # 81390) as an end-use biopesticide product. Furthermore, all polymers and coating ingredients are approved for use in food and feed packaging pursuant to FDA 21 CFR parts 175 – 177.

Several palatability studies conducted by separate end-use customers have shown no differences between ProvisionGARDTM packages and standard packages.

If you believe your current packaging options do not deliver the service level you deserve, give us a call. Put us to the test today and see how, with Gelpac, getting your hands on the right packaging solution—at the right time and at the right price—is effectively “in the bag.”