The construction industry poses special challenges for packaging suppliers. First of all, it often operates in the harshest of environments with wide temperature variations and inclement weather conditions (e.g., rain, sleet, snow, etc.). Secondly, the materials being packaged tend to be heavy or extra-heavy. Lastly, the packaging must survive rigorous loading, warehousing and handling conditions. Proper calibration, strength and resistance to tearing, punctures and varying weather conditions are thus critical variables in the design and production of multiwall paper bags or polyethylene packaging solutions intended for the construction industry. After all, a bag of cement powder is of little use if water seepage has transformed its content into hardened concrete.

How Gelpac can make your day

Our reputation for quality among our construction industry clients is rock-solid. Our client services team has deep-rooted field experience, and our research and development experts have the expertise and equipment needed to design a product that can stand up to anything you throw at it.

If you are looking for multiwall paper bags or polyethylene packaging that can handle the rigorous conditions of your industry and effectively fit in with your full production and distribution operations, you can confidently lean on the Gelpac team to deliver tough packaging solutions that deliver superior performance characteristics.

Tear and puncture resistant
Superior moisture control
Conclusive track record