A brief history

The company known today throughout North America as a premier supplier of high performance packaging solutions had modest beginnings. Founded in 1956 in Marieville, Quebec, Canada, the company designed and manufactured first-generation paper bags for clients in the greater Montreal area. Over the ensuing years, the team was called upon to develop ever more sophisticated answers to complex packaging challenges while also bringing new production capacity on line and integrating new equipment with many proprietary components and processes.

As the importance of polyethylene liners as a key component in the design and construction of multiwall paper bags grew, so too did the team’s understanding of the characteristics of this material. Furthermore, many of the company’s clients also had specific polyethylene packaging needs. Vertical integration was the logical move and in the early 90s, the company purchased a polyethylene manufacturing plant.

Today, Gelpac’s more than 200 qualified employees put their ingenuity, expertise and enthusiasm to work day in and day out to supply each client with the right packaging solution, at the right time and at the right price.

Our mission

Simply stated, our mission is to make your life easier. We do this by taking care of what’s inside. By taking care of what’s inside the design and assembly that make each of our packaging solutions unique. And by ensuring that our solutions, in turn, take care of what you put inside the packaging itself.

Packaging issues are just one of the many factors you have to manage in the full value chain of your operation. At times, you may simply need a low-cost supplier that can deliver a large quantity of a standard packaging item at short notice. Or, maybe you have developed a new product that comes with special filling, handling or protection requirements. In either case, we have what it takes to help you carry the day. We will put forward a packaging solution that fits your particular logistics, complies with the quality standards of your industry and, when required, makes your brand and products shine. But mostly, our focus is to provide you with a packaging solution that enables you to optimize production efficiencies and protect your margins in extremely competitive environments.

In short, our mission is to consistently provide you with optimal, tailor-made packaging solutions to maximize your efficiency, reduce your costs and help you reach your very own production, distribution and growth targets time and time again.